According to color experts, Pantone ‘Greenery’ is the color of 2017, and a great choice for incorporating into your spring wedding. Embodying fresh, fun and new beginnings, greenery can be the ideal spring wedding accessory for your wedding gown or even the central theme for a bolder direction.

pantone greenery

There are numerous shades of green that would bring a touch of excitement when incorporated in a variety of ways from head to toe as an accessory to any wedding gown. More importantly, green is a highly versatile color that can work with a wide variety of bold colors such as silver, burgundy, brown, taupe, pink, purple, black, white, gold, and yellow. Greenery can be used alongside neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels and metallics.

Hair and Bouquet

Starting at the bride’s hair, incorporating a floral crown with greenery that matches the bouquet can be simple or more elaborate to complement the style of the gown. This can be done in either a highly sophisticated way or more rustic depending on the overall character of the wedding and the gown. An alternative is adding leaves and flowers to dress up a chignon, which is a traditional approach that can be done in a fresh way.


Accessorizing with gems as part of a necklace, earrings, choker or other jewelry is another way to incorporate greenery. Jade and emerald are obvious gems that work well on the big day. While jade can be subtler depending on the size of the gemstones and the piece, emeralds can be stellar standouts, once again depending on how and where they are used. Two great examples might be a wedding ring with a sparkling emerald, or a pair of vintage earrings featuring drops of jade or green tourmaline.

Tourmalines and peridot gemstones can be used subtly or in striking ways as the greenery addition to your wedding gown ensemble. Once again, gems are a stellar entry to a color combination opportunity that can be gorgeous such as green with purple as in a peridot and purple Amethyst combination. Other options might be paring a peridot with a red garnet, and these are just two of many sophisticated color combinations that add a fresh look to the gown’s ensemble.

Accessorizing the Dress

The dress itself can be accessorized with something other than your typical, clear diamante. For example, emerald crystals and beadwork can be subtle or striking depending on the design and how extensively and where on the gown it is used. Brides can consider dressing up their fingers in varying shades of green to match or contrast with other accessories or the dress itself.

Adding accents in compatible colors can be striking and can tie into broader color palette combinations used in other accessories. Of course, it’s never a good look to do any major matching so keep it subtle in terms of color themes that are worn.

There are certainly some brides out there that would opt for a green wedding dress that if done correctly can look spectacular. For those adhering to more traditional white or ivory, adding that greenery can be done with one of the above accessories and carried through to the heels.

Today, it’s common to break from traditions in terms of weddings, so with good taste as your guide, you can be both unique and still look fabulous. Few colors are more traditional than green, but it’s also a wide spectrum that allows you to mix in shades or elements that are fresh and new. Greenery can be part of a theme for an entire wedding color palette or just an accent to accessorize your gown. It’s hard to go wrong with greenery as it provides a true spring feel and interesting look that says young, fresh and innovative.