Can You Find the Buried Treasure Within the Earth Treasures Website?

hunt for treasure giveaway

Summer Savings!

Enter for a chance to earn up to 15% off and $1000 gift card! We are offering treasure hunters the opportunity to receive up to 15% off their purchase. One lucky hunter will win a gift card valued at $1,000!

Here’s How To Win:

There are 3 hidden treasure chests within the Earth Treasures site pages. Clicking on a chest will trigger a pop up where you can enter your email address to submit your finding.

  • Each treasure chest is good for 5% off.  treasure chest
  • If all three are found, you can receive the full 15% off.
  • To qualify for our $1,000 gift card giveaway, you must find all 3 treasure chests AND an image of a shovel, also buried within the website!   shovel
  • The $1,000 gift card will be presented to 1 lucky winner, drawn at random.
  • If you have found the chest(s) and shovel you may redeem your discount(s) in-store at Earth Treasures Jewelers.
  • Contest ends August 31st.


Happy Hunting!

Disclaimer: Some limitations and exclusions may apply. Discounts redeemable in-store only. This contest will conclude Tuesday, August 31st, 2023. All gift cards and coupons expire on September 30th, 2024.

*Email addresses submitted as part of this contest will be entered to our Email Platform to receive contest notifications and Earth Treasures email blasts. You will have the option to opt out at any time.