A tremendously new and exciting source of fine gem quality North American diamonds was first discovered in 1991 in the far reaches of Canada’s Arctic North. Pioneering geologists Charles Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson are credited as the first to discover this vast resource. They were followed by other geologists including Eira Thomas, the first woman to own and wear diamonds from her own discovery!

By the fall of 1998, the first mine, the Ekati™, (an aboriginal name meaning fat lake) officially opened thus prompting a Diamond Rush of historic proportions. In ten short years the Northwest Territories of Canada has become the 3rd largest producer of fine diamonds in the world! This is truly remarkable as dealing with unique harsh weather conditions hinders progress, and protecting the remote and fragile Arctic environment is a time consuming and high priority endeavor.

Why should you consider owning a Canadian Arctic Diamond?

  • Each Canadia™ and CanadaMark™ diamond is uniquely tracked from the mine through the refining facility to the consumer. This assures you that the diamond you are purchasing is genuine, untreated and free from the concerns of any illicit source that may fund illegal activities and terrorism.
  • The extraordinarily well formed, uncut rough diamond crystals found in the pristine Arctic North have proven to yield finished diamonds of superior quality.
  • World renowned cutters fashion these rough crystals into exceptional diamonds ranking them among the finest cut in the world.
  • Canadia™ and CanadaMark™ diamonds carry a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing their country of origin.

Canadian Arctic diamonds bring you so much more yet are comparably and competitively priced to other branded diamonds sold elsewhere.

When you purchase one of these beautiful Canadian Diamonds from Earth Treasures, you receive the following certificates and guarantees:

  • A Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its country of origin and quality.
  • An ID number microscopically inscribed with a laser on the girdle of the diamond corresponding to the Certificate of Authenticity.
  • A grading report from a major world-recognized and respected independent gemological laboratory, GIA, IGI or AGS.
  • This triple guarantee assures you that your Canadian diamond has passed strict guidelines for exacting cut, proportions, fine quality, and authenticity.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Canadia™ Diamonds from Earth Treasures! These diamonds are mined in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the purest place on earth. Canadia™ Diamonds embody the crisp beauty of the Arctic. Their cold fire is like no gem you’ve ever seen.

Earth Treasures is proud to have been selected as an exclusive representative of CANADIA™ Diamonds, which come from the Arctic North America direct to you.

It Waited 3 Billion Years For The Right Girl

Beneath the pristine surface of Canada’s Arctic North lies a treasure trove holding some of the worlds purest and finest diamonds. The diamonds of Canada. Introducing Canadia™, a diamond as pure and natural as the arctic itself.

Certification and Laser Inscription are the two main methods Canadia™ Diamonds uses to ensure Canada as the country of origin. Each CANADIAN Diamond is mined in Canada Arctic North and tracked from the mine through the refining facility to you. Knowing your diamonds true birthplace, where it was mined, and how it was cut, reassures you that the diamond you are purchasing is genuine and natural.

The CANADIAN Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin ensures the life process by which a CANADIAN Diamond is mined and crafted. Knowing the place of origin preserves the value of your diamond.

Laser Inscription

Each CANADIAN Diamond is laser inscribed on the girdle with a unique identification number. This number corresponds with your Certificate of Origin and allows you to feel comfortable that it is free from any artificial treatments or enhancements.

Gem Lab Certificates

A certificate from a respected independent gem laboratory certifies your diamond for it’s color, cut, carat weight and clarity.

The discovery of the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories of Canada was a triumph over vast geography, harsh terrain, and formidable odds. As a result of this discovery, Canada has become the fourth largest supplier of gem quality diamonds in the world.

The CanadaMark™ program was created by BHP Billiton, owner and operator of the Ekati Mine. Its purpose- to create a method first in the industry of guaranteeing the origin of its diamonds through a unique tracking system originating from the mine itself!

Certification and Laser Inscription are the two main methods CanadaMark™ diamonds uses to ensure Canada as the country of origin. Known origin and strict standards for quality and cut ensure peace of mind for all consumers.

The CanadaMark™ Certificate of Origin Card

The Certificate of Origin Card ensures the process in which the diamond was tracked and crafted. It includes info on the mine of origin, and the weight of the diamond as a rough crystal and finished product. The diamond’s unique serial tracking number listed can be verified through CanadaMark™s tracking system, and it is also laser inscribed on the diamond for your protection.

Gem Lab Certificates

A certificate from a respected independent gem laboratory certifies your diamond for its color, cut, carat weight and clarity.

Three Part Guarantee

In summary, every CanadaMark™ Diamond is accompanied by a Country of Origin Guarantee, each diamond is laser inscribed with a tracking number, and a respected independent gem laboratory certificate certifies quality for the protection of the consumer.

Canadian Diamonds, mined in Canada, sold exclusively at Earth Treasures Jewelers.