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Earth Treasures Helping Give Back to Local Charities Through Heart of Gold Parties

The strongest businesses are those that make giving back to the community a foundational part of their structure. That was and is the impetus behind the Earth Treasures Heart of Gold parties since their inception more than eight years ago.

While Gold parties are not new, Earth Treasures puts a unique spin on them with their Heart of Gold Parties by partnering with local charities. The charities promote the event to get community supporters and businesses to attend and bring their unwanted gold, jewelry, coins, costume jewelry and much more to the party. Earth Treasures provides a surprisingly long and varied list of items that can be brought to the sponsored event.

Earth Treasures jewelers are present at the event to provide the expertise and industry tools to examine the pieces for jeweler's marks, test for gold content with acid tests, and divide them into piles by karat. The individuals donating the items get high appraisal value of their items and receive the full amounts at the time of acceptance of the terms.

Earth Treasures then provides a percentage of the total amount that they buy at the event to the non-profit or charity hosting the event. The beauty is that the individual sellers still receive their full value amount as determined by the appraisal. The donation itself comes directly from Earth Treasures.

The Heart of Gold Party is a fabulous way Earth Treasures Jewelers in Eatontown has come up with to continue their decades long commitment to local charities, and it has been an amazing success. To learn how your charity can book a party and how it works, contact Earth Treasures at 732-542-5444 to speak to one of their representatives.