Understanding what makes up the value in a diamond is very important in order for you to make a wise, educated decision. Our 6C's tutorial is based on the universally acclaimed GIA grading system used by jewelers worldwide. Our explanations are simplified and concise enabling you to quickly learn how diamonds are valued.

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A pearl is an organic gem that comes from a living thing. It is produced when an irritant finds its way into the oyster's shell and lodges itself inside. The oyster secretes layers of conchiolin and nacre to form a lustrous pearl. Out of 10,000 oysters, one might produce a natural pearl. Because of their rarity, the Japanese have perfected a culturing process that implants starter beads in the oysters and then the oysters are cared for and nurtured for 2-4 years. Pollution, inclement weather, and disease cause a high mortality rate resulting in sporadic annual harvests and accompanying shortages of larger sizes and higher qualities.

Cultured pearl values are determined by five factors: color, luster, shape, surface quality, and size. Varieties include saltwater Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, and freshwater.

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There are five essential characteristics of gemstone quality. These characteristics combined with rarity, durability, and beauty determine the value of all gemstones. A better understanding of these technical aspects will greatly assist you in making the best choice when shopping for the best value in gemstone jewelry.

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Gold & Platinum

Gold and platinum are among the world's most precious metals. They combine four basic characteristics that have made them treasured possessions since earliest of times: lustrous beauty, easy workability, rarity, and virtual indestructibility.

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Old Mine and Old European Diamonds

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